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LEA CHEN – Design & Architecture – Instincts Furniture Series » Horse

Instinct is a series of delicate yet stunning furniture pieces designed by Beijing based Architect and Designer Chen Xuan.

As an architect and spacial designer, Chen Xuan is fascinated by juxtaposing the strong expression and personality of animals with the clarity and tonality of space and geometry. The animals are “cut off”, only their legs are visible, moving in opposite directions, generating an exciting dynamic that happens below the table’s surface.

The tables move, have their own direction and sense of speed. This fascinating contrast between the moving legs and the still surface generates a curious balance of emotions that is different from environment to environment. The tables literally develop different life when placed into different settings, the dynamics vary between smaller rooms and larger halls.

The tables are handcrafted works of artistry, designed to be both, a stand-alone sculpture and a functional piece of furniture. They come with differently scaled table tops, from thin oval or square boards which work as dining or display tables to larger, rectangular casings that function as bar or decoration tables.

Each table is handmade by craftsmen in and around Beijing, a combination of fiberglass and wood, painted in high-quality lack in white or black, but also in other colors as requested. The Flamingo Leg Table is available in stainless steel.

Horse Table with Square Top ideal as counter or room divider